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Who Benefits Most from Physical Therapy?

Knee Pain Doctor

As a knee pain doctor can attest to, when many people think of physical therapy, they imagine professional athletes recovering from an injury or perhaps someone recuperating after surgery. But physical therapy has a wide range of benefits for people from all walks of life during each stage of life – even those experiencing mild to severe knee pain caused by arthritis or injury.

Children and Teens

Physical therapy can be very helpful for a wide range of challenges or issues that present in early childhood through teen years. Whether it is a toddler who is struggling to reach major physical milestones or a teen athlete who would benefit from a personally tailored exercise regimen, a qualified professional can help ensure the health, well-being, and progress each child needs to live a full and happy life.


From a physically demanding job to recreational sports, or trying to get that one big box off the top shelf of the closet, our day-to-day lives can result in wear and tear or even injury. Problems can range from pain or stiffness that increases over months or years to acute injuries that require hospitalization or surgery. Physical therapy can help manage or even mitigate long-term damage from repeated stress like lifting heavy objects or spending long hours on your feet; it can also help you regain function and strength after major mishaps.


As we age, it’s common to lose mobility, energy, resilience, and balance. All of these challenges can often be managed or delayed through a customized and adaptable physical therapy routine. This approach can have a wide range of benefits including maintaining independence, continuing favorite activities, participating in paid or volunteer work longer, and the ability to spend more quality time with friends and family.

Conditions and Events

Some physical challenges and pains are caused by chronic conditions or illnesses, such as arthritis or muscular dystrophy. While the benefits vary from person to person, physical therapy can help improve symptoms, increase endurance, and help reduce pain and inflammation.

Physical therapy can also have a marked positive impact during and after pregnancy. Pregnancy is physically demanding and can result in pain or even injury ranging from sciatica to pulled muscles in the pelvic floor. Having a knowledgeable and supportive professional to help women through this wonderful and challenging time can make a big difference in physical comfort and recovery time after labor.

Physical therapy from a practice that specializes in PT such as Premier Osteoarthritis Centers of Pennsylvania can be a helpful and important tool for maintaining, increasing, or regaining your health and function, regardless of your age or profession.