Hair loss can affect both men and women. Although it’s not considered life-threatening, it can take a major toll on a person’s emotional health. Thick and beautiful hair has long been considered attractive in our society, so losing your hair can make you feel less than attractive. People with thinning hair may lose their self-esteem and feel embarrassed to go out in public. They might isolate themselves more and stop spending time with their family and friends. Some may even become severely depressed over their hair loss and completely shut down.


If you are losing your hair, there are several health ways to cope.


Realize That Things Can Be Much Worse


Even though hair loss can be a blow to your self-esteem, it’s important to realize that it’s not the end of the world. Hair loss isn’t life-threatening and there are so many other worse conditions out there, like cancer and heart disease. Once you realize that you’re still healthy and have a lot to be thankful for, losing your hair might not be as devastating as you thought it was.


Ask a Hairdresser to Help You Find a Good Hairstyle


If you’re losing your hair, you might need to make certain adjustments to your hair style. A skilled hairdresser can assess your hair and help you find a style that suits you. For example, the hairdresser may suggest cutting your hair shorter or help you find the right wig. Once you find an attractive hairstyle, you may feel more confident about your appearance. 


Recognize That You Have Other Wonderful Attributes


Just because you’re losing your hair, doesn’t mean that you don’t have other great qualities. Your family and friends will appreciate your other attributes and won’t care about how much hair you have on your head. 


Talk to a Mental Health Counselor


If hair loss is impacting your psychologically and preventing you from living your life, you may want to talk to a mental health counselor. You can tell him or her exactly how you’re feeling in a relaxing and non-judgmental environment. A mental health counselor will help you come to terms with your hair loss and suggest healthy ways to cope.


Realize This Might Be Temporary


While some types of hair loss are permanent, others are temporary. For example, if you lost your hair from chemotherapy, it will eventually grow back. If you keep that in the back of your mind, you may feel better.


If you follow these helpful tips, you can come to terms with your hair loss and live a happy life. However, if you still want to look for ways to restore your hair, you should talk to a hair transplant doctor. 


A hair transplant is a surgical procedure that takes hair from other parts of your body and implants it into your scalp. It looks completely natural and can help you feel better about your appearance.



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Dr. Robin Unger, MD, Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy New York